SOTACON - Austin 2018: The Guard and the Peasant


In the land of New Britannia, a young peasant woman befriends a strong guard at the King’s castle gates.  She tells him about SOTACON - Austin 2018 peaking his interest for him and his guard guild.  Over time, the Peasant and Guard become more acquainted and friends.  Listen and learn about SOTACON, King’s Dinner, the Play, and much more in a series of episodes leading right up to SOTACON in Austin on October 11-13, 2018.  Perhaps we shall even see the Guard and Peasant in Austin in October with the King!  Follow the episodes! 

Episode #1 - “SOTACON What?”

The Peasant wants to see the King about SOTACON - Austin 2018.  The Guard says, “SOTACON what?”  Listen and learn about SOTACON, the web site, how to buy tickets, and what’s going to happen at SOTACON - Austin 2018.  Learn how you can influence game development through SOTACON. 

Date Aired: May 12, 2018 


Episode #2 - “I Want a VIP Package ...”

The Guard is melancholy because he lacks gold to buy a VIP ticket.  The quick-thinking Peasant suggests he get the guard guild to pool their gold and send him to represent them at SOTACON.  She gives him an unexpected hug.  Listen and learn more about the VIP tickets and the King’s Dinner.

Date Aired: May 26, 2018 

Episode #2 - “I Want a VIP Package ...”

Episode #3 - “Dreaming … If I could go to SOTACON”

The Peasant meets the Guard again and dreams a bit, dreams about what she would experience if she could go to SOTACON. She dreams of the opening ceremonies asking “extremely relevant questions”, going to the all-you-can-each King’s BBQ Dinner, and more!  At the end, she kisses the Guard on the cheek and runs away.  Listen about what you can experience at SOTACON this year. 

Date Aired: August 4, 2018 

Episode #3 - “Dreaming … If I could go to SOTACON”